My IT Support Services are a Brisbane based Information Technology support company that specialised in most facets of IT support for small to medium sized business. In general we supply and service computer workstations, servers, networks and common business applications. We also offer a variety of cloud services such as Office 365, Web hosting and domain registration.

My IT Support was established in 2002, at a time when computers and applications were beginning to appear in small businesses, but were expensive and complex. We found there was a very real need for considered pragmatic advice in layman’s terms to clients in a field which was alien to most business owners. This approach gained My IT Support the trust of many clients, who valued a clear and honest approach to solutions and problem solving. And in fact, we’re proud to say that many of those clients still rely on us to provide their IT support today.
As computers became more and more interconnected, additional technology – such as servers, networks, security and email – was required, and these technologies became core to enabling companies to do business. Inevitably, Microsoft became the dominant force in client-server computing for small to medium firms, as still is today.

Larger business organisations enjoyed the financial power to invest in more functional applications and systems that were beyond the reach of smaller operations. Two key factors have changed this. The advent of cloud technologies now allows organisations of any size gaining access to these same applications at affordable prices, and the cost of onsite hardware technologies dropping significantly in the past five years. After that its simply a matter of knowing how to realise these technologies and  how to use them. That’s where we come in.