An overview of Cloud technologies and what they are

My IT Support offer a range of web and cloud based tools for use with business. But first Cloud? Web? What’s the difference? The short answer is nothing. Since the dawn of the Internet their have been websites, and websites sit in the cloud. The cloud simply means accessing a computer installed elsewhere outside your office. This computer, normally a server, can be sitting in a building down the street or in Singapore. You connect to this computer via the Internet instead of over your private network. You can, and always could, have a server built in your office and host a website for your business there. But why would you? You don’t know what you are doing, the server would cost a fortune and your internet connection would never be as good as professional hosting operations.

That’s a website, but what else is in the cloud?

HTML, the language behind web sites was designed for the web and in its earlier forms did little more that display simple pages of information and images. If you wanted to run a program like MYOB across the web though, forget it. HTML was no were near powerful enough to build a web version of MYOB and the Internet was way to slow to deliver results in effective time. So for organisation wide programs like MYOB and other management software, you had to deploy an in-house server, pay for it, maintain it, install and manage the software and deal with any technical issues as they arise.

But that has changed. New web technologies and languages were developed and Internet speeds dramatically improved. With that came the ability to mount Web based versions or programs like MYOB (which it now does) removing the need to maintain these programs and hardware yourself.  These services are loosely referred to as Software as a Service (or SAS) and from there someone coined the term Cloud. Software sitting in the cloud. There are numerous services offered today as alternatives in the cloud, including Accounting packages (Reckon. SalesForce, MYOB, SAGE); Document storage, Customer Relations Software (CRM),  being the commonly known ones. But there are many companies now who offer industry specific applications in the cloud that were once only available for a server. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean  a Cloud service is best suited to you. It has its caveats and there are advantages to office based servers as well. If you would like to know more about servers and how they compare with cloud offerings click here when you are finishing reading

Cloud products are usually sold as subscription based service paid monthly or yearly depending on what you are buying. My IT Support offer several cloud based products to manage and aid your business operations, described in detail on expanded the links to the right.

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