My IT Support are a partnered re-seller service in behalf of Australian Domains, so you can register and own your business and personal domains names right here.

  • Domain names including local and international domain names  
  • Easy to use management portal
  • Free management tools
  • Free domain transfer
  • Domain parking
  • Professional tech support
  • Profession hosting packages and SEO Marketing tools


Clicking on the link here or below will to take you to our external web sales store front, which also offers a variety of standard web products including Website hosting, FAX to email and SSL certificates. You can return to this site at any time.

Why it’s important you own and control your domain name

As with hosting, we strongly recommend to our clients to purchase and control their domain name and not leave it to development companies to do it for you. Many often do because it it is easier or they naturally don’t understand the processes. We are not casting aspersions on your developer developers in general. But we have encountered numerous occasions over the years where a relationship has gone sour with a development company for any any number of reasons. Suddenly organisations cant shift away from them because they don’t know how to access the domain name or worse, the developer has it locked away in their own portals. Even though there are sound legal channels to regain control, it can be time consuming and painful process.
All of web based services including the website, hosting, email etc all sits under the domain name and can’t operate without it.  So being able to access and controlling your domain name is critical. Delegating the use of the domain name and hosting to a developer to build your website is and easy and standard practice. Purchasing through My IT Support you have exclusive access and control of your domain name and any other services. The portal is not owned by My IT Support, but managed on behalf of Australian Domains for you. As a regular client of My IT Support services we will always assist you in managing your web portal and web product leaving you safe in the knowledge that you can never be held hostage on your critical web presence.