Desktops, Laptops and Tablets

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As everybody in business knows a computer is a tool not a toy, and up-time is essential to the smooth running of your operations. We at My It Support understand this. Our fully trained and certified field engineers use the latest technologies and techniques to diagnose and repair system problems in a timely manner with the aim of returning your device to full productivity as soon as possible. We troubleshoot common application issues relating to Microsoft Office products, Adobe etc. Networking issues,  Internet connectivity and malware infections

For Windows servers please see here.

Onsite and Remote

Depending on the task, we offer both an onsite service and a remote assistance via the leading industry provider TeamViewer.  Subject to your approval, new customers have a copy of TeamViewer is installed on all computers by default for quick servicing on demand. We can also service first time problems this way even if you do not have a an established relationship with us by using the method. Call us directly if you have an urgent situation and we may be able to assist immediately. You can contact us here.

Supported Operating Systems


We service all makes and models of Windows based computers including laptops and tablets, troubleshooting both hardware and software problems. This includes common programs and applications. For laptops it should be noted that depending on the problem, they may have to removed offsite if they require servicing in a clean dust free environment. Releases of Windows we cover include:

✔   Windows 11
✔   Windows 10
✔   Windows 8
✔   Windows 7
✔   Windows Vista
✔   Windows XP
✔   Windows 2000
✔   Windows NT
✔   Windows 95/98/Me (Respect if you still use these!)

 Apple Macs

We are limited in servicing Apple Macs as we have elected not to become an authorised representative, which is the only way you can access parts for these products. However, these limitations not withstanding, we do support Mac troubleshooting particularly in mixed Windows environments and Microsoft Office products. Due to the hardware limitations on older Apple Macs, we support the following OS releases:

✔  macOS 12: Monteray – October 2021
✔  macOS 11.6: Big Sur – June 2020
✔  macOS 10.15.7: Catalina – June 2019
✔  macOS 10.13: High Sierra – September 2017
✔  macOS 10.12: Sierra (Fuji) September 2016
✔  OS X 10.11: El Capitan – September 2015
✔  OS X 10.10: Yosemite – October 2014
✔  OS X 10.9 Mavericks – October 2013
✔  OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion – July 2012


Unfortunately we do not service Linux based computer systems at this time


Due to the many releases and propitiatory configurations around Android based tablets and phones, we provide limited support to this operating system. This is restricted to troubleshooting Office 365 apps, email configuration and networking.

Servers and data storage

Fast Response| Professional Service | Follow up and Reports

My IT Support install and support a wide range of Windows based server models. As servers are network based we also support most common network topography’s. If you are unsure of the type of server you are operating or your are looking for advice on a server for your organisation please contact us directly here.

Support Operating Systems

Windows Servers

We service all makes and models of Windows of server systems dating back to Windows NT.  Releases of Windows we cover include:
✔   Server 2019, Essentials, Standard and Datacentre
✔   Server 2016, Essentials, Standard and Datacentre
✔   Small Business Server 2011
✔   Server 2008 Standard and Enterprise
✔   Small Business Server 2008
✔   Server 2003 Standard and Enterprise
✔   Small Business Server 2003
✔   Server 2000 Standard and Enterprise
✔   Windows Server NT

Common Server Roles

Below are listed the common server roles and deployments we cover for all versions of Windows server relative to their releases.

✔  All Active Directory and Domain management.
✔  Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services)
✔  Active Directory and Federated services
✔  Microsoft Exchange 2000 to 2016
✔  SharePoint Services
✔  Essentials Experience Role



Unfortunately we do not service Linux based computer systems at this time.

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