Distribute and manage company iPhones and iPads with ease

Single Apple ID | Centrally manage apps | Track and locate

Do away with multiple Apple ID’s for your company devices. Easily distribute mobile phones to your staff with pre installed apps and settings. Manage updates and security, block access to phone settings, control data usage, protect company data, control access to websites, track lost devices, remotely wipe data and more – all from one central interface.

Managing devices individually is time consuming and costly, especially as their numbers grow. Protecting sensitive and intellectual property data is also a major concern for business owners and organisations today. In answer to this, Apple commissioned an online service known as Apple Business Manager or ABM, a platform for organisations to enrol and manage both iPhones and iPads, their settings and apps available staff.
Apple devices are first provisioned via Apple Business Manager. Apple Business manager is also where you purchase and download apps to be published. As part of the process they are then enrolled in Intune, which is the Mobile Device Management platform offered by Microsoft 365. Intune is responsible for the actual roll out and management of iPhones and iPads and their apps. That’s a little tricky to understand and the initial set up of both ABM and Intune can be challenging, which is where we come in. My IT Support are experienced in rolling out mobile device management solutions for our clients matching various operational needs around the state and country. Contact us here for further information and a free consultation.

One Apple ID

Apple devices are enrolled and managed under a single company owned Apple ID.

✔  Multiple Apple ID’s gone
✔  Lost passwords solved
✔  Manage purchases

Apps and settings

Centrally manage apps and purchases. You can assign app collections to different groups of users.

✔  Publish approved apps only
✔  Publish and remove apps with ease
✔  Prevent instore purchases
✔  Pre-configure apps
✔  Pre-configure Wi-Fi settings


Secure your devices and protect your data.

✔  Prevent copying company data
✔  Block personal email accounts
✔  Block websites e.g. Facebook
✔  Block services like Facetime
✔  Block access to phone settings
✔  Keep your devices up to date


Locate lost devices

Manage lost or stolen devices.

✔ Locate & track devices on a map
✔ Remotely disable a device
✔ Remotely wipe sensitive data

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