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Your business almost certainly operates within a network, in fact a single computer connected to the Internet is ‘networked’. Computing problems are often not the computers at all, but are related to the network and how the various devices communicate with each other. My IT Support offer supply, installation and support of the latest network technologies for small office environments up to larger business grade solutions.

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We partner with D-Link and can provide and support wide range of high-performance SMART and SNMP–Managed switches. The switches provide solutionsfor Small Business, Medium Business, Large Business right up to Enterprise. The range includes Layer 2, Layer 3, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit andbChassis-based Stackable solutions, as well as robust Industrial Switches specifically designed for harsh environments. Additionally, D-Link offer a wide choice of reliable and robust network security solutions. Ideal for the growing needs of SMB, D-Link’s Unified Services Routers are an All-In-One Gateway Device providing outstanding performance and rich functionality, including Dual-Band Wireless AC, Dual WAN and 3G Failover Support, IPv6 and comprehensive VPN features (SSL/IPSec/PPTP/L2TP).

Network Solutions

Supply and service all LAN (cabled networks) requirements.
✔  Un-managed SOHO switches
✔  Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching
✔  Gigabit and 10 Gigabit topographies
✔  Routers and modems
✔  Cabling and rack installation

Network Security

Supply and configuration of network security
✔  Unified service routers
✔  Firewall configuration
✔  VPN solutions
✔  Unified Threat Management
✔  NAS and network backup solutions

Wireless Networks

Supply and service wireless network solutions
✔  Internal Wireless solutions
✔  Multi access point arrays
✔  External wireless solutions

Internet Connectivity

Connection options for Internet connectivity
✔ SOHO modems and routers
✔ Unified service routers and gateways
✔ 4G cellular solutions
✔ 4G fallback solutions

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