Service Level Agreement

Regular support and maintenance

Some businesses can soldier on if their network or servers break down until the service engineers arrive. Other operations cannot afford to be offline at all. A day offline can mean missing that critical email, sale enquiry or deadline. Service agreements help counter that risk with regular management and periodic health checks on critical IT infrastructure such as servers and networks.
A agreement can be as simple as remotely checking the health of your server each month, to regular onsite visits troubleshooting software and networking bugs. An SLA can’t guarantee a catastrophic failure beyond the monitoring abilities of diagnostic software.  If a motherboard suddenly fails, it fails and has to be dealt with accordingly. But regular checking and maintenance with modern computer management platforms can and regularly and does head off potential disasters.

My IT Support offer flexible and non binding service agreements tailored to your IT requirements. Contact us today here to make an appointment for us to  visit and discuss if an SLA is right for you.


Do need I need a support agreement?

Downtime is measured against loss or potential loss of income, which is determined by the type of business you operate. A spool of staff who can’t process orders for day can amount to a hefty wage bill for no return; Crucial email that can make or break a sale is missed because your Internet is offline; The server has crashed with engineering files urgently needed can’t be accessed.  SLA’s alone can’t guarantee to such events wont occur, only heavily redundant infrastructure can come close to that. But preventive maintenance and health checks go a long way to identifying potential issues before they occur. Additionally, regular visits can addresses nagging issues such poor performance or glitchy applications not running correctly, keeping your operation running smoothly.