My IT Support offer the following onsite services for your business. For first time consultations, our first visit is completely free of charge. For quick service, depending on the nature of the issue, we can connect remotely to any PC or server using the industry standard and highly secure remote access software TeamViewer. You can download team viewer directly from their site with simple installation instructions found here.

Service and Product Listings

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Field engineer

Computer System Servicing

Servicing all makes and models of desktop and laptop computers including both Windows and Apple Mac.


Servicing all makes and models of servers, their operating systems and roles. We recommend and sell both Dell and HP server systems.

Service Agreements

Manged Support Level agreements (SLA) for operations requiring that extra peace of mind on critical infrastructure uptime.

Networks and Internet

Network design, provisioning and maintenance providing high performance and security across your organisation

Office 365

Discover and learn about the multitude of applications and services complimenting the Office 365 suite

Working remotely and from home

Explore the options for remote access and working from home including considerations around security.