Security and protection

We utilise industry standard security software tools, techniques and firewall systems to safeguard your business and to keep your data protected from cyber threats, both internal and external to your organisation, updating them regularly to ensure you are always protected. We factor security into everything we do. We discuss what level of security is appropriate for your organisation, as one size doesn’t always fit every company, and work with you to ensure your data and systems are as secure as they should be. This can include business process/policy related holes in your security and we will make sensible and practical recommendations taking into account our understanding of your business. We understand how to configure systems to protect you properly. What we don’t do is use scare tactics to sell unnecessary products or services.

Protecting your data, securing your systems and ensuring they remain operational in the face of adversity or disaster are our main concerns. We integrate ‘security thinking’ into everything we do. We take a broad view of the threats facing your IT and data, pragmatically addressing the technical and non-technical issues that impact on the well-being of your systems. We do this under under the following broad criteria:

  • Gateway security which is your connection to the Internet (modem/routers) where firewalls and remote access policies are defined. This is the principle defence against hackers trying to access your network
  • End-points, which we define as desktop computers, laptops tablets and phones inside the organisation. It’s these devices that are most vulnerable point of compromise because they access the Internet directly. Here antivirus, local firewalls, email and web browser protection are deployed
  • Server protection. Servers are less vulnerable than desktops because they generally do not access the Internet directly. However, they are vulnerable to virus spread form other computers and must be considered
  • Company usage policy. Equally as important as any technical considerations we recognise and can help you manage the most important human factors in ensuring your organisation’s security; appropriate and clear IT policies, practical user training and maintaining a vigilant awareness of current issues and threats.
Keeping you up to date

As a client of My IT Support, we broadcast security warnings on particular threats that we consider pertinent. We will alert you to any potential problems from trending security issues found at Stay Smart Online which is the Australian Government’s official cyber security monitoring centre. This includes to changes in legislation around the various Data Protection Acts that we feel are worth noting.

Backups and data retention

Data backups are vital in ensuring that, should the worst happen, your business can make a full recovery with the minimum of downtime. We can make your critical systems resilient to failure, and implement either onsite or offsite backup and disaster recovery systems. We can set up a wide array of backup regimes including cloud, tape, USB hard drive, site-to-site or private cloud ensuring that backups are stored offsite wherever possible for extra reassurance and disaster recovery. We encourage rigorous monitoring of backup activity to ensure that when you need them most, they’re available and that they work. Equally important to backups are the recovery procedure – how to get you up and running quickly in the event of failure. We also thoroughly document the backup and recovery procedure in a printed (yes printed) manual where you can get to it at anytime. We do this because for any of number of reasons someone else may need to recover your system and having this critical information on hand is vital.