What are all those other tools and tabs in Outlook? They must do something right?

They sure do and that’s what our workshops are all about. No need for expensive courses with gratuitous certificates declaring you’re qualified to use the software and this approach carries much currency today. Outlook is now a program offered as subscription based licensed install, which is more cost effective than buying the outright program. A principle benefit  is that subscribers will consistently be upgraded with the latest version and features of Outlook, which means it becomes a constantly evolving product.    Many of the features of Outlook are about the look and feel of the program and achieving the same thing in different ways. What we focus on are using those functions that do useful things. The workshop prospectus covers: 

  • How to set up the best Reading Pane view that suits you
  • How to many efficiently manage you mail box and folders
  • How to categorise and use the Flag system,
  • How to use the calendar effectively to schedule and manage appointments
  • How to share a calendar and control permissions on what others can and cannot do with a shared calendar
  • How to create and share additional calendars for rooms and equipment use.
  • How to use Tasks to allocate jobs and to track the progress of those jobs
  • How to add and manage contacts and create groups of contacts for bulk emailing

The workshops runs between one to three hours depending on the skill level of the attendees. There a couple of considerations with Outlook and your email service

  • Outlook is designed foremost to Interact with a Microsoft Exchange email server.  If you have a Small Business Server, an on premise Exchange server or subscribe to Office 365*, then you are connected to an Exchange server and all Outlook features are available to you.
  • If you do not use an Exchange services to collect your email then some functions in Outlook won’t be available and some features such as Calendar sharing are limited.

How we do it

If possible we visit your premises to conduct workshops, and this in turn depends on how many persons are sitting and facilities available. We use a television set where the attendees follow our examples and practice on their Outlook profiles.  Some employees have their own laptops and we encourage these to be used as they are familiar to their owners. Otherwise we supply laptops where required which are temporarily configured with the attendees email account which is removed at the conclusion of the workshop.

  1. We find any companies have ‘board rooms’ with television sets for example. These areas are ideal for workshops.
  2. Alternatively, as supply a television set for workshops that can be placed somewhere in the office environment where attendees can use their desktop computers.
  3. If a suitable workshop area cannot

Pricing and schedule

Pricing is a flat $125.00 (ex) per attendee with a minimum of $500 or four attendees.


  • This includes any third party cloud vendors who offer Exchange online as well.